The Learning Safari

We believe that learning should be fun and memorable. Play is the fundamental way that children learn. We feel that a child's social, physical, intellectual and emotional development is stimulated and fostered through opportunities that allow them to explore, experiment and experience their environment. Our programs are planned around a theme-based curriculum and we use components such as literature, learning centers, music, crafts, art projects, science experiments, Animated Literacy to teach letter/sound recognition and field trips to work on specific skills and build the children's self esteem.

The preschool years can never be recaptured. This is the time when so much is discovered and absorbed. Everyday there is something new to wonder and think about, observe and create. It is an exciting and joyful time. We believe that play is essential to a child's learning.

Parents are the most influential part of a child's life; through experience we have seen that the entire family benefits when parents are involved in their child's education. We will work to build positive partnerships between the home and school.